Trainee Recruitment Consultant

We love meeting individuals who want to join the recruitment industry and start a meaningful career that is challenging and rewarding on many different levels. Working as a recruiter can be a roller coaster ride with highs and lows and everything in between. It would help if you were tough, organised, communicative, a problem solver and intelligent to survive in a competitive industry. We know it is a tough gig, but it is worth it, and we can help you become the recruitment superstar you want to be by working on your skills and giving you a proven plan to succeed.
The Company
We are a growing recruitment agency based in Bristol who deal with SME and international companies in Bristol and Southwest England. We know how to find top talent and exemplary employers, and we can show you how to do it. We want to scale our business, so we need the right people on our side to do it effectively, and our company culture can supply that. We're in north Bristol, and we offer flexible working solutions and fully remote opportunities dependent on each person's job and responsibilities. We will be moving to a central Bristol location shortly.
The Role
You will be contacting potential customers who require engineering and IT staff in Bristol and Southwest England and letting them know what they’re missing out on as they don’t know about us and the highly skilled people we can supply to them when others can’t. That is lucky for you because this is a greenfield project. So you don’t have to worry about entering into an environment where other consultants in the office already take hold of the juiciest customers.

The candidates you will be contacting are highly skilled individuals. We will teach you how to work with them to get what they want out of their next job, enabling you to make more successful placements that helps everyone involved. Your customers will think you’re a cut above the competition by delivering results others can’t offer.

The Person
You will like dealing with people, so ideally, you will have already worked in an environment where you regularly communicate with individuals to sell products or services or solve problems where you think on your feet and come up with solutions quickly. Of course, there is a sales element to this role, so you must be comfortable with what that means, and that means that you will have highs, but, inevitably, you will also experience rejection.

Salary is negotiable 20/25K plus commission with no threshold, so you get paid on every piece of revenue you generate.

Experienced Recruitment Consultants
If you already work in IT or Engineering recruitment or work in another industry space and fancy a change. And want to eliminate the micromanagement environment you find yourself in, then get in touch. We can offer you something that enables you to work as an adult with genuine autonomy in a supportive culture that is ideal for successful consultants to develop their skills to a higher level. We can work with you and get you where you want to be, delivering better results for you at work and home.

Salary is negotiable plus commission with no threshold, so you get paid on every piece of revenue you generate.

Experienced Resource & Delivery Consultants
We are just getting busy. It is as simple that we need help working with our existing customers and the new candidates we attract daily. If you already have experience in IT or Engineering recruitment, then let us know as we can offer you a fully remote role with excellent pay and commission, which is not subject to thresholds.