Hi Guys,

My name is Ron Ravenhill and I’m hear to create a blog about recruitment for software development individuals who work on web, games and mobile apps. I’m not a tech guru or great speller, but I know a little bit about recruitment which is handy sometimes. The purpose of this blog is to keep people informed about the latest skills which are in demand in the market and also just to chat about what cool and what’s not in the employment arena. PS you’re not allowed to slate recruitment consultants hahahaha.

I hope this can be something good where the good guys can hang out to find out what they should learn next to stay sharp or what you should avoid!

If you are keen to stay sharp on whats hot in the market then stay tuned and also email me as I am more than willing to help by asking the right people the right questions.

By the way I’m going to blog about all sorts of stuff here so you can be entertained, anything from what my days like, which can be interesting 😉 give I work in the people industry?

I will also post some job ads too, to keep anyone informed.

Please don’t ask me tech stuff because that’s not me. OK this is the blog, catch you all soon.