The Demand for Software Developers in the Tech Sector

As technology broadens its ever-encompassing reach every aspect of our lives, more and more skilled people are needed to make it all work.

From AI to VR to data science, companies and institutions are bellowing for software developers to come and be a part of their team. If you’ve got the skills, there are lots of people willing to pay the bills.

With more and more businesses embracing data analysis, AI and other methods, there’s never been a better time to be a software developer.

The UK Tech Sector

With businesses doubling down on technology investments, and the government driving forward the expansion of the tech sector, there has been an explosion of demand for software developers.

UK recruitment firm Indeed highlighted the vast number of jobs available in the tech sector in a research blog post from last year. They looked at all their job postings for technology-related jobs and found that a full 10 percent were in the tech industries. The sector is creating so many jobs that there simply aren’t enough people to fill them all – not even close. And so those with software development skills are more in demand than ever. They specifically spoke to the problems of filling developer roles in major companies. The opportunities are there and waiting to be taken.

Data Science and Machine Learning

When it comes to software development needs, data science and machine learning are two of the biggest areas virtually begging for the right candidates.

Software development roles with machine learning skills have seen a 191 percent growth rate in three years, and data science development roles have rocketed by 136 percent in the same period.

And there’s no sign of this slowing down. The UK has an exploding tech sector, ranking fourth in the world in terms of cutting-edge technology development in a report from research gurus KPMG. Drawing more investment into the technology sector than any other place in Europe, the UK is at the forefront of tech and, hence, tech jobs. The skills needed to collect and interpret data, as well as those that mesh with machine learning needs, are only becoming more valuable.

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