How to use Employer Branding to Attract UK Millennials

The millennials are the brightest, fastest and sharpest of the lot, and you definitely need the best of their pick to drive energy into your business. Well, the best way to attract them is to pull them in with an interesting and fascinating story.

The story should be none other than the story of success. Millennials in UK do not differ from others around the world, and they all want success. So, as a business seeking millennials, you need to outline the opportunities you can provide them.

Here are some tips that can pump your employer branding directed at the millennials:

Smartphone friendly Career Websites

If you want to attract millennials to your career portals, you absolutely need to have a mobile responsive career site. Now, it is highly likely that a millennial looking for a job will end up on your career portal while exploring potential jobs through his/her phone. A modern website design will really work for your favour!

Swap some stories from the workspace

If you really want to sway the Millennials, get personal with them. You can touch their emotional chords using pictures or videos that show existing employees swapping stories about their work experience at your firm.

If you film your employees without giving them a script prior to the shoot, the effect will be a lot more natural, compelling and engaging. Millennials are smart, and they will be able to spot the difference between a biased and an honest opinion within seconds. If you keep it natural, this is the best way to let them envision and see the career potentials you can offer them.

Instagram hits the nail!

Millennials are sprawled all over Instagram and it is the best way to give them a glimpse of the culture of your organisation. If you want to attract them with graphics and visual and make it a lot of fun, Instagram is a great deal more fun than Facebook, Google + or LinkedIn.

Broaden your recruitment audience

You want to attract a large audience of millennials for your business? Have you restricted your college recruitment process to the top notch red brick universities? Or perhaps, you have restricted your advertising to old school print media and ads?

You’ll be surprised at how penetrating online employer markets on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms can truly surprise you with the best minds.