OK, this is about the recruitment market but it’s a non tech level. I have noticed recently that my clients and fellow recruiters are getting more and more involved with social media/digital media, but how many of us have a specialist in house to cater for our twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts, Instagram, google ha, the list goes on and on! It has now become a full time job!

It seems to me that as the demand becomes stronger, we will all want more and more of these social media gurus on board. If you add all this with the augmented reality tech, I think you can see where it is going.

Although large companies probably have experts in place now, it’s highly likely that even if you have a small company of half a dozen people you could use the skills!

For any youngsters reading this blog you can get an apprenticeship in digital media and social media! (I’m not sure about other qualifications apart from marketing degrees at this point)

Watch this space.