The demand for IT staff post-Covid

As you’d expect, the demand for certain skills and qualifications within the UK labour force is in a state of continual change. Many positions which were once easy to fill are becoming harder and harder to recruit for, a trend that can threaten business operations and efficiency.

Known as a skills shortage, such knowledge gaps increase competition for the best candidates. This is great news for candidates who assume a position of greater power and have a wider choice of roles to choose from, but can be bad news for organisations forced to offer higher salaries and benefits packages than they may otherwise be comfortable with. There is also a danger that smaller businesses could be left behind or find their talent pool is severely restricted.

Post-Covid, the UK labour market is seeing a distinct shortage of IT professionals. This is something that we haven’t seen in two decades, so why are IT professionals suddenly highly desirable and what can your business do to attract star talent?

Digital Transformation

With many businesses forced to close their doors and transition to remote working in the last 18 months, the majority of UK enterprises have effectively undergone a total digital transformation to keep trading during the pandemic. From office workers whose previous requests to work from home had been denied to call centre operatives now offering customer service from their kitchen tables, there are very few sectors that haven’t transitioned in part to remote working. And who was tasked with carrying out this digital transformation that saw websites geared up for eCommerce and millions of people set up to work from home almost overnight? The IT professional of course!

With digital transformation and remote working here to stay, it’s easy to understand why those with IT skills are currently such hot property.

The Perks Package

With IT staff being sought in every sector to help businesses survive and thrive post-pandemic, knowing how to compete for the best talent is key to attracting and retaining capable candidates.

It takes much more than a good salary (which incidentally rose by an average of 12% across the wider tech industry last year) to engage IT professionals. For a better chance of success, the emphasis should be on the overall package being offered.

Things like company cars, private healthcare and the ability to climb the corporate ladder with professional development opportunities are all in demand. If these aren’t things you routinely offer, it might be time to revisit your current perks package to see how it stacks up against your competitors. If it doesn’t stack up well, you could be setting yourself up for failure from the start.

Flexibility Rules

For those finding it hard to compete with the high salaries and impressive perks packages offered by rivals, there is another way that you can make your IT vacancy stand out amongst a sea of adverts.

In a recent survey, flexibility topped the list of must-haves for all UK workers in 2021, so even if you can’t provide Bupa cover or a larger than average pay packet, you could compete for the best talent by offering flexible hours and workplaces.

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