Hey Guys,

Well I said I would try to keep you all in the loop with my recruiters viewpoint on what’s hot and I thought I would write a quick piece on Unity 3D.

Now I currently work on Unity 3D vacancies for games and augmented reality, however I’m seeing a lot of posts for virtual reality headsets and I am even seeing a few companies start to sniff around that tech market. I have even seen one company change completely from games to Augmented reality!

I may be wrong but if I’m right there is going to be more demand soon for Unity 3D skills in and around augmented reality projects. I think these guys who I have knowledge of are just too smart to make a mistake and this is the start of something big. Maybe it could go really big like how JavaScript hit the market in a big way, pushing up the demand and the salaries in that area.

Well I hope so, good luck to all the Unity guys out there I hope the market goes crazy for you!