The journey began in October 2013 with Bristol and Southwest UK software development organisations and some fintech software development companies in the Thames Valley and London.

We started out working with software development vacancies, and we filled jobs in Java, .Net, IOS, Android, Javascript, React, Typescript, Actionscript (Javascript killed Actionscript RIP) testers and PMs.

Embedded C and C++ development vacancies led us to more engineering assignments in the electronic and mechanical engineering industries. We worked on CNC, mechanical design, electronic design, QA, production and manufacturing management jobs for all sorts of companies. Some made planes, some made actuators, and some made drilling equipment for Oil & Gas and more. So it has been a mix of companies working in different areas of expertise.

We have met many amazing people along the way, and we are proud to have helped them.

Here are a couple of examples of companies we helped to scale up.

EdgeIPK were a software product development and professional services company that specialised in retail banking and insurance. Talent Cluster didn’t help them from day one, but we came in at a critical stage for the business as they needed a lot of Java developers to work on their product and in the professional services team and without them, they would have been in big trouble. We successfully found them experienced Java Developers and testers continuously over two years and project managers, product managers and trainers. Finally, we found them the right staff, which enabled them to sell the product and business to Temenos, the leading global software development company for the Financial Services industry.

We helped one of our customers evolve from a 2-man start-up to a much larger company, Red7mobile. We successfully found developers to increase the size of the business and satisfy their customers’ contracts. That enabled them to sell to SG Digital, the leading global software development company for the gambling industry worldwide. Their primary motivation for purchasing Red7 was that they could not hire enough qualified staff themselves as fast as they would like, and it was just easier to buy a company! We then supplied them with over 100 staff for a few years until they were satisfied with their lot. We found many developers with skills working in native iOS and Android development and later on graduate developers who worked with JavaScript, React, Typescript, Node and other Javascript software development technology and a software testing team. It was tough at times, and we all worked from home (Pre Covid), and some of us were in different time zones and juggled school runs, but we did it.

We haven’t scaled any engineering companies yet where we have been the sole supplier, but we want to.

Some of the things we liked most along the way.

We helped many people start their careers in software development and engineering.

The variety of people we have placed in jobs has been huge lots of different characters and people from all over the world.

We were lucky enough to place some candidates with disabilities and individuals whose circumstances differed from the norm.

We built great relationships, which are still going, and we want to do more.

What’s next? That’s the best bit because we plan on helping many more people to get jobs and many more companies to get what they need.