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Talent Cluster has been delivering fantastic results for our customers since we opened in 2013. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. We currently supply permanent and contract IT and Engineering staff to many different types of organisations in the UK and it is very likely that we can help your company fill the tricky open positions you have with candidates other recruitment companies just can’t find.

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We can help you to find your dream job because we have an extensive database of great employers so it is only natural that the jobs we have on offer are exemplary.  Talent Cluster has already helped many individuals to find the job they need to fit in with their life and career goals. We recruit contract and temporary professionals in the technology and engineering markets. We will listen to you and discuss what you are looking for so we can match that with our customers. Get in touch or register and we can start to work together to get the right job for you.

Get skilled staff for your company

If your focus is to get your hands on a regular supply of great candidates because you need to achieve a specific business goal, then we can help you and your business to do it by utilising over 20 years of recruitment experience in technology and engineering sectors. We don’t cover every vacancy on the planet so by talking to you first we can make sure you get the right service from us instead of a promise. We don’t have a table tennis table and we won’t come to your office with cupcakes sorry, but we don’t have to because the results will speak for themself.

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